Creating your classroom website: In order to start your assignment, you can sign up with a wiki site at and setup your own wiki site for your future classroom. (Note: you can also use the google site, pbworks,, and many other site to create the same website. An award winning example of a great website: Once you have your wiki site set up, click on the "New Page" link on the left and name it "Week 1 assignment". Following information might need to be available on your "Week 1 assignment" page: (a) Interview your team member and tell us what do you and your friend/team member want to get out from this course? (b) Come up with a list of classroom rules that you and your friend/team members all agree on. (c) Additional questions about this course, assignments, instructor, and other issues that you like know more of. (d) Assume you are a first year teacher, teaching in a classroom that has computers for every student. At the beginning of your teaching career you are preparing a letter to be sent to parents and students. Please use MS Word and prepare a letter that introduce yourself to the parents and students, inspiring and motivating your students for the upcoming school year's learning, informing parents and students about the classroom rules and computer usage policy, and finally has a place for both parents and students to sign and return. Insert your Word document into the Week 1 assignment wiki page of your wiki site. In your Word document, you should have at least two different font and clip arts. Your Word document should also attach to the Tk20 Word document assignment for grading.
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